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Native American cedar flute and Japanese Shakuhachi bamboo flute performed in sacred sites interspersed with natural sounds of birds, stream, crickets and fire create an ambience of serenity for meditation and centering.

These are recordings of grid activations and meditations on power and sacred sites throughout the North American continent, including Flathead Lake in Montana, Emerald Lake in Banff, Canada, and the Virgninia Appalachian Mountains. The interspersed nature sounds come from the Shenandoah Mountains. The intention and tone of this album is to invoke a deep sense of serenity and centeredness, along with a deep reverence for the natural world.

    1. Flathead Lake Meditation
    2. Appalachian Stream
    3. Emerald Lake Meditation
    4. Appalachian Birds
    5. Earth Prayer
    6. Mountain Birdsong
    7. Appalachian Mountain Flute Song
    8. Fire and Crickets
    9. Bamboo Meditation
  10. Shenandoah Birdsong
  11. Calling the Ancestors
  12. Into the Portal
  13. Spirits of Wind
  14. Wind Chimes
  15. Zen Breath
  16. To the Fairies

Composed,  recorded and produced by Mark Torgeson



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