Foundations of Sound Healing – Rumi’s Wellness Center – Harrisburg PA – April 2020




Certification Program

Friday April 17 – Sunday April 19

Rumi’s Wellness Center, Harrisburg PA


Learn the Principles, Practice and Protocols of Sound Healing

Use the Tools of Healing Sound to Shift Consciousness, Raise Vibration and Create Transformative States in Yourself, Clients and Groups

The participant will be given a global perspective of the esoteric and metaphysical aspects of sound and its relationship to Nature and the human energy system. She will be introduced to the main instruments used in Sound Healing, and will have had a chance to practice hands-on healing techniques. Fundamental principles of vibrational and energetic healing will be shared and experienced. A full Sound Immersion experience comprised of diverse ethnic instruments will be felt and processed. And a forward glance into the future of Sound Healing as a vibrational medicine complementing alopathic methods will be discussed. Concepts and practices needed to conduct personal and group sessions will be imparted, so that with practice, she will be able to share the gift of sound in a grounded and professional manner.

Foundations of Sound Healing Certification given at completion of training Sunday

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